Information under Legislative Decree 196/03

Under article 13 of legislative decree 196/03 (hereinafter referred to as “Confidentiality Code”), SAYERLACK S. r.l., with legal address in Via del Fiffo, 12 – Pianoro (BO), as Personal Information Handling Holder, hereby informs you that your personal information shall be used – with manual and automated tools – to follow up your request for technical information. Providing your personal information – which shall not be made public nor distributed – is not mandatory but without it we shall not be able to follow up your requests. Your personal information may be made available to the Global Product Director and to other persons involved solely for the purposes mentioned above. The Global Product Director is in charge of your personal information handling. Your rights are as provided for by art. 7 of the Confidentiality Code, which among the others, allows you to have you information deleted, changed or updated by contacting the Holder SAYERLACK S. r.l. or the Manager. An updated list of the other persons in charge of information handling is available in the staff’s office.


Sharing data within the Group companies
Some of the services or information you can request on this site may come from other members of our Group. Therefore, we may share your data with other companies within the Group. The laws of the countries where these companies are based may not be the same as those in the EU, but your data will be treated with the same high standard of care wherever it’s processed within the Group.