The development of construction technology and the recent trends that use sustainable architecture and eco-compatible materials to build houses, now need roofs to help meet the requirements of energy saving, thermal and acoustic insulation, residential comfort, health and well-being.
Roofs are a major component in the design of a house and the decision to build them in wood offers major benefits. In addition to offering protection from the weather, wood is also extremely light and its insulation properties reduce temperature loss while letting interiors breathe to help  control humidity. A wooden roof is also safe as its lightness and the elasticity of its load-bearing structure make it extremely resistant to seismic events.
Wood also offers aesthetic advantages that play an important role in interior design. Simply lift your head and you will be amazed by the cosy atmosphere that wood creates. And when combined with other materials it can blend perfectly with any architectural context too.
The roof is one of the parts of the house most exposed to the elements and changes in climate. As a construction material, wood has excellent mechanical and aesthetic characteristics, but it will deteriorate if exposed to rain, damp and sunshine.  This is why long-lasting protection is required to combat weathering and ensure the wood remains completely efficient.

AM 570/00 Hydroplus is a colourless waterborne fungicidal protective stain for treating wood located outdoors. It complies with the European standard BPD98/8 CE and offers an excellent level of protection against wood rot, blue stain and wood boring insects.

AM 631/XX Hydroplus is a clear waterborne protective stain for outdoor use available in a wide range of colours and is ideal for coating gazebos, fences, wooden crates, balconies and wood panelling.

AML 3390/13 Hydroplus is a white waterborne protective stain for outdoor use that can be applied using automatic impregnators whose high dry residue provides excellent cover and filling.

AZL 3497/00 Hydroplus is a waterborne topcoat for exteriors that can be applied by immersion to wooden items located outdoors.

AZ 2330/86 Hydroplus is a waterborne topcoat for exteriors that can be applied using a brush or spray gun to joinery, balconies, wood paneling, beams, cottages, fences, etc.

The clear, super water-repellent, waterborne topcoat AZV 2317/00 H2NO is designed for outdoor structures, such as gazebos, wall panelling, outdoor furniture and fences. As well as protecting the wood, the product also leaves its natural look unaltered.

The Hydroplus waterborne acrylic sealant for beam ends XA 469/00, that has a high level of water resistance that will limit water absorption from damp and rain and will protect the heads from UV rays by stopping them splitting and increasing their protection and life.

Maintenance should be performed using the protective wood stain Hydroplus AM 631/XX and the waterborne topcoat for exteriors Hydroplus AZ 2330/86.