Atlas' exclusive EverSummer program allowed us to expose our specimens in Miami, Florida and Townsville, Australia to achieve a two-summer exposure in one 12 month period, drastically reducing the time of coatings development.


To test new exterior products, Sayerlack has chosen the Q-Lab Weathering Research Service in Florida because the weather conditions where it operates are the most demanding for joinery coatings.



Product certification CATAS - WKI PREMIUM - COATING SYSTEMS FOR EXTERIOR WOOD on coating systems for exterior wood carried out jointly in accordance with the EN 927-2 and the additional requirements demanded by CATAS and the German institute Wilhelm Klauditz Institut (WKI).


The CATAS QUALITY AWARD PLUS - COATING SYSTEM FOR EXTERIOR WOOD “STABLE” PRODUCTS certifies the quality of the coating system for its outdoor life, wood protection and production quality control.


The coatings system is subjected to a double natural aging (EN 927-3), for a period of 2 years.